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Heat steal one against the Blazers with clutch Bosh 3 - Pinwheel Empire

Heat steal one against the Blazers with clutch Bosh 3

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LeBron looks up to his hero

LeBron looks up to his hero

If you’re a Heat fan… yes we know LBJ didn’t play this game. So you can go ahead and not read this…

You can’t find a better ticket than the Portland Trail Blazers vs the Miami Heat at the Rose Garden Moda Center. Unfortunately in this case LeBron James couldn’t give it a go after sustaining a groin injury vs the Kings. This didn’t stop the Heat from coming into the Moda Center and stealing one away from the Portland Trail Blazers.

So let’s break down each quarter with my terrible observations:

1st quarter:

Miami comes out for blood and shoots a ridiculous 9/12 from the field in the first 6 minutes. Portland starts the game a bit sloppy (as they do sometimes) but LaMarcus Aldridge caught fire. Portland continued to push the ball  and shot a ridiculous 70% from the field to end the quarter. Also the blocks in this game were big (3 times). Miami cools off and only shoots 3/10 for the rest of the quarter. Blazers lead at this point was only extended  to only 2.

Notes from 1st:
- Miami misses their BFF LeBron and you can tell.
- Wade had his shot blocked 3 times (2 by Nic and a big block by Freeland)
- Damian Lillard was quiet… but was perfect from the field (and being lethal from the 3).
- Dwyane Wade is still really good at basketball
- Blazers have this weird thing with turning the ball over to begin the game.

2nd quarter:

MEYERS LEONARD ALERT. Blazers start the 2nd committing some absolutely silly turnovers with the help of Mo Williams. Miami couldn’t take advantage of this… infact it backfired on them with 2 huge Meyers Empire baskets (yes I said Meyers). Leonardsanity continued with a quarterback pass on a fastbreak which Spoelstra called a timeout because Leonard was too much for the Heat (not really). Really good sequence for Meyers, don’t think anyone predicted that.

Wes 3-ball Matthews then caught fire scoring 12 straight points for the Blazers. He was hitting everything including his favorite corner 3 spot along with some post ups (something he has become consistent at this year). Blazers extended their lead at this point to 9 but as we all know they tend to let up and the Heat stormed right back to cut it to 1. Chalmer’s, Cole and Allen contributing big time to the run.

End of the 2nd however Bosh makes a silly foul on Lopez while in-bounding then gets T’d up. Blazers up 4 at half.

How to scare your children.

How to scare your children.

Notes from 2nd:
- Dorell Wright hasn’t been exactly consistent hitting the 3. He is struggling big time.
- Joel Freeland has 8 rebounds already gobbling up any board he can. He continues his great efficient play.
- Ronald McDonald talking is the creepiest thing.
- Rashard Lewis apparently still plays in the NBA, this is news to me.
- Damian Lillard is already 4-5 from the 3 tonight.
- Dwyane Wade had a huge dunk but bounced off the rim, don’t see that every game.

3rd quarter

3rd quarter right?!?! BLAZERS OWN THE 3rd!!! Except…

Miami came out to start the 3rd as the aggressor. Forcing the Blazers to go to Lopez for any offense. They locked it down and took a 4 point lead until W3s knocked down a tough contested 3. Beasley was looking great until he banged knees with Lopez, he would return later in the quarter.

With a Stotts timeout the Blazers responded by going on a 7-0 run to take a 4 point lead. Suddenly the Blazers beautiful ball movement was back which opened players up. Blazers won the quarter by only 1 which is a rare thing for their big 3rd quarters.

Poor guy

Poor guy

3rd quarter notes:
- Points in the paint at this point: 46 to 22 (favoring Heat big time)
- Michael Beasley banged knees with Lopez but returned later to contribute with some clanked jump shots.
- Batum is having a block party tonight, everyone is invited (except bandwagon Heat fans)
- If it wasn’t for Wes being hot tonight, I don’t think the Blazers would be up in this one. Has taken some tough shots that have went in.
- No 3rd quarter magic tonight.

4th quarter

Closely contested game and Miami starts the 4th cold. The problem is the Blazers have not been taking advantage of Miami’s poor shooting committing costly turnovers. Their beautiful ball movement has ceased and Miami has been cutting it closer minute by minute. Blazers have let Miami hang around and once again this has become a classic Blazers heart attack ending.

Shout out to Tim for being in attendance tonight

Shout out to Tim for being in attendance tonight all the way from NZ

Blazers have had much success with these type of games but not tonight. In the closing seconds Blazers give up an easy Wade dunk. They counter this by a very lucky bounce to Batum (after getting knocked out of Lillard’s hands) which he got fouled and converted both. Leaving 7 seconds left for a classic Ray Allen 3 attempt we assume… right?

Nope. Apparently Chris Bosh is lethal from the 3 this year and hits an absolutely crushing clutch 3 with 0.5 seconds to win the game. Nobody predicted that. LaMarcus Aldridge has a good look for a tip in but overshot it. Miami goes on to win 108-107.

4th quarter notes:
- This was probably the sloppiest 4th quarter the Blazers have played all year
- Blazers seemed to have control of this entire game but kept making costly mistakes to let Miami keep it close.
- Chris Bosh is the best 3 point shooter on the planet.
- After the game Dwyane Wade was toweling off Bosh… it was kind of funny.

An unfortunate ending for the Blazers but we hope they learn from this. As of recently they haven’t exactly been playing great basketball in the 4th but still continued to have success. Tonight was an example that they can’t play like that and expect to win.

Miami ended up shooting 52% for the game along with the Blazers shooting 51%. Big contributor for Blazers struggle was again losing the points in the paint battle by a lot of points.

As they always say, you can’t win em all.

Blazers will look to rebound after this tough loss vs the Pelicans on Monday in New Orleans (another tough game). I’m going to go cry in the dark now.

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