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Have some questions on how things work?


What is Pinwheel Empire?

Pinwheel Empire is a social Blazers site which aims to bring fans together in a unique and new community. It's run by a bunch of volunteer gerbils all over the world. We're new, trying to cross the Rubicon and do something different – it's an evolving process with a lot of small victories and defeats.

Our goal is to create a community of Blazer fans that converse, cheer, and party with each other. Through viewing parties at local establishments (both in Portland and around the world), memberships perks through local businesses, and involvement with local charities, we want to focus on the human side of the internet – encouraging people to get out there and interact with each other and our community.



What benefits do I have to signing up?

Signing up allows you to contribute content, interact and participate in live events. It also allows you to upvote/downvote posts made by others. Having an ESN account also will work for future Empire Sports Network sites.

Adding a link

When posting a link you need to make sure it's a valid URL. If not then it will be deleted.

Adding a general post

Simple posts that only require a title or a little blurb of content.

Adding a video

You need to make sure when posting a video that it's the FULL url. Primary embed features that we include with PWE embed is Youtube and Vimeo. Others (daily motion, liveleak) won't embed and will be provided a general URL which will go to the video. More additional sites will be added in the future to enable embed.

Add an image

Image types we support for thumbnail is JPEG and PNG filetypes. Anything else will be a default thumbnail (gif's will embed on the actual post). We highly recommend using imgur for images to ensure a thumbnail will be retrieved.

I want to write for Pinwheel Empire

If you are interested in writing for PWE you will need to contact us here. Writers get different permissions to the website which allow to have featured articles.


The basics:

Part of being a member you also gradually get granted awards/trophies depending on specific criteria. Some of these are unique and given out only rarely and some of them are based on your contributions to the commuity and statistics on the site. So this section is the ultimate guide on what awards are available and how you can (if you can) obtain them.

List of trophies:

  • Level 1 Negative Post Karma
    User post karma is below 0 points
  • Level 1 Post Karma
    User post karma is above 50 points
  • Level 2 Post Karma
    User post karma is above 150 points
  • Level 3 Post Karma
    User post karma is above 350 points
  • Level 1 Karma Given
    User has given 50 or more karma to others
  • Level 2 Karma Given
    User has given 150 or more karma to others
  • Level 3 Karma Given
    User has given 250 or more karma to others
  • IDOL Level
    IDOL Level: User has given 15,000 or more karma to others
  • Level 1 Negative User
    User post karma given is below 0 points (debbie downer award)
  • Level 1 Posts
    User has posted 50 or more items
  • Level 2 Posts
    User has posted 100 or more items
  • Level 3 Posts
    User has posted 150 or more items
  • 1 Year Member
    1 year member
  • 2 Year Member
    2 year member
  • 3 Year Member
    3 year member
  • 4 Year Member
    4 year member


Comment Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ~
  • Scroll through new comments
  • Z
  • Scroll through new comments
  • Shift
  • +  
  • Enter
  • Reply without clicking "Add Comment"

Disable/Enable Comment Shortcuts

  • Currently you can only disable the z-key shortcut (to scroll to new comments). To do this please go to your profile and look for the CUSTOM PWE section. Here you will see a box labelled "Enable new comment Z key shortcut". Set this to whatever you desire and save your changes.


Following discussions

At the top left for desktop/tablet users there is a button labelled "Discussions" by clicking that you will see the most recent comments for the entire site. This will allow you to follow where majority of the discussions are currently going on. By clicking the "New" tab on this box it will refresh.


Having trouble creating a PWE account

Useful pages:

  1. Sign up
  2. Login
  3. Edit your profile

If you are having trouble with signing up or logging in please contact us here.

How do I change my avatar

To change your avatar you will need to go to the edit profile page. From there you will see a BROWSE button. Use that to select your avatar and then click UPDATE SETTINGS

PWE Rules

  1. Don't spam us please
  2. No harrassment
  3. No threats
  4. When submitting please ensure your links work, if they don't then the submission will be deleted... unless we are feeling lazy

Something isn't working right

PWE3 is new and we have done testing but as always things are not perfect. If you find a bug or something not functioning correctly then please contact us here or e-mail the web dude (Brandon) at his e-mail here.