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12-19-11 Hangover Edition - Pinwheel Empire

12-19-11 Hangover Edition

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

Having just re-watched The Hangover.....uhh I mean watched The Hangover 2, I was thinking back to the fun I've had and the stupid shit I've done under the influence. Times I wouldn't trade for anything, sessions enjoying fantastic brews with good mates, when life seemed pretty much as good as it could be. Also the hours, afternoons, days lost playing goon of fortune, beer pong, circle of death, scrumpy hands, drunken pool/darts/table tennis/you name it and generally all the absolute and utter bullshit I have discussed with people in the most reverential tones over the years. 


So this is a place to share on all things involving, surrounding or tangentially connected to your libation of choice and the experiences you've had while imbibing.