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4-2 - Babbitt Empire Featured on TBJ & Yahoo Sports Ball Don't Lie - Pinwheel Empire

4-2 – Babbitt Empire Featured on TBJ & Yahoo Sports Ball Don’t Lie

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

It’s rare that a perfect internet basketball video comes along, but the people at Pinwheel Babbitt Empire have done it. Just a perfect combination of player, song, highlights, captioning and chalupas.

Two thumbs up for this internet basketball video!

FULL ARTICLE / The Basketball Jones - Trey Kerby


Babbitt Empire is literally taking over the internet! The video was just featured on The Basketball Jones blog today (thanks Sophia for tweeting it). Celebration time! [Link to it here]


Later in the day the video was also featured on Yahoo! Sports/Ball Don't Lie by Eric Freeman and Kelly Dwyer. They really did their homework too and pointed out the April fools joke.

There are some weird NBA highlight mixes on YouTube — Gordon Hayward rookie mix set to the ubiquitous "Remember the Name," anyone? — but most players earn them through their play, or even just by giving fans enough of a glimpse of the future to create excitement. No one makes highlight mixes for bad players, because such a thing is basically impossible.

Kudos to the folks at Pinwheel Empire, then, for creating this totally great Luke Babbitt highlight video. The Trail Blazers reserve is not a good player, or even one who might develop into a rotation player in Portland. He is creating an identity as The Guy Who Wins Fans Free Chalupas, though, and that's been enough to make him something of a blog favorite/punching bag. This video could not exist otherwise, and not just because there are so many Chalupa images scattered throughout.

It's all a joke, of course — Pinwheel Empire launched the clip on April Fools' Day and rechristened themselves "" However, I think this joke will have some staying power. A Luke Babbitt highlight mix set to Weird Al's "Ridin' Nerdy" will never go out of style.

FULL ARTICLE / Yahoo! Sports/Ball Don't Lie - Eric Freeman



Brandon is the Empire Sports Network/Pinwheel Empire website developer, graphics designer and video producer. He is the dude that makes those Blazer videos and rarely sleeps.