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All Star Prognosticompetition - Pinwheel Empire

All Star Prognosticompetition

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire

Impromptu PWE Competition. Predict your 2016 All Stars below – point for every correct reserve. No points for the starters cos everyone here knows how to google. Points deducted if you’re dumb enough to put a starter as one of your reserves. 14/14 gets a gold star. My attempt below.


Western Conference

G: Steph
G: Russ
F: Kobe
F: Durant
F: Kawhi


G: Paul
G: Harden
G: Dame
F: Davis
F: Cousins
F: Draymond
F: LaMarcus

Eastern Conference

G: Lowry
G: Wade
F: George
F: LeBron
F: Anthony


G: Wall
G: Kemba
G: Butler
G: DeRozan
F: Millsap
F: Bosh
F: Drummond


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