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Main PWE topic of the day… the Daily Empire!

Basketball and Sports and Ugh probably Seahawks and Also Ugh probably 49ers and Brits DE - Pinwheel Empire

There is a basketball game going on tonight between teams that both have brits on them. Other things will probably happen before a new DE will be made that I can’t predict. I hope they are good, I guess.

A few thoughts:

- Jon Bois is my favorite sbnation writer, because of stuff like this

- Never count out Touchdown Tom

- The Blazers Brit Basketballer, Joel Freeland, looks like a taller version of Brit Ballader, James Blake.

- As far as refernces go, I think I just earned double indy points for the comparison above. I bet there is very little overlap between people who know who Joel Freeland and James Blake are without using google.

- Everyone’s reaction to that last bullet:

- I might like the line up for the Governors Ball better than the one for Coachella.

- Triscuits and huckleberry pepper jelly.


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