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Blazers vs Thunder PREVIEW INSIDE and TRUST THE GUT - Pinwheel Empire


submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire | Game Preview

2147oiAA bit of a sad tone for this one, Blaine and Clement discuss Golden State, ALL RUSSBROOK ALL THE TIME, how some hip-hop artists should stick to mixtapes and our BUSSSSSSSSSSSST… OUT plays for daily fantasy basketball on Friday, February 27th.

Tonight’s game against the Thunder is quite immense. The Thunder have been streaking, even though they lost last night, giving Blazer fans cause for pause about the division. A win here and the Blazers are winners of two and looking to gain momentum after the trade for AAA and can create more space from OKC. RUSSBROOK is a legitimate MVP caliber player and this season is one for the ages. It makes for great fodder as he is proving all the journos wrong for calling him a ballhog and not putting this team in the best position to win. Journos, focus on Presti and Brooks, not the dude busting ass and keeping that team in the playoffs.

7:30. Get amped. Meet me at the Rose Garden, it’s going down (Yung Joc voice).

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