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DE 1/10 Clip Your Optimism - Pinwheel Empire

DE 1/10 Clip Your Optimism

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Or some variation in between. Are you militant about it ....for instance do you go out of your way to burst people's optimistic bubble....if someone is bumping around thinking everything is fine do you feel it is your obligation to metaphorically kick them in the nuts...ya know...for their own good?

Are you the militant optimist? You see someone who isn't wildly enthusiastic and you keep shoving flowers in their face until the poor schmuck either pretends to be happy...or gets really pissed and punches you in the face.  Of course, since you only get punched in the face once in every five interactions or so decide  you were right to be optimistic...since that is an 80% success rate!!

Who are you .....optimist? ...pessimist? Militant in either vein? Are you even aware?