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DE 1/20: Culture Clash Edition - Pinwheel Empire

DE 1/20: Culture Clash Edition

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

This is from TrueHoop's Morning Cup:

It took about a dozen games, but rookie Bismack Biyombo offered evidence to Charlotte Bobcats fans Tuesday why he was the seventh overall pick in the NBA draft. He's what Southerners would call "country strong'' and what coach Paul Silas called the one truly tough guy on this roster.

I thought it was funny to hear a guy from the Congo described as "country strong." There are plenty of examples of athletes capturing the cultural zeitgeist of their cities, like Channing Frye in Portland, Tim Tebow in Denver, or Derek Jeter in New York. How about the opposite? What are examples of athletes who totally clash with the place they played, and which are the funniest juxtapositions?