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DE 1/9 - Childhood crush edition - Pinwheel Empire

DE 1/9 – Childhood crush edition

submitted 7 years ago by in Daily Empire

When I was a kid, I fondly remember watching saturday morning cartoons.  The excitement would build up as each cartoon finished that Saved By the Bell would soon start up.  Would it be a rerun of when Jessie overdosed on caffeine pills?  Or would it be an entirely brand new episode? didn't matter as long as Kelly Kapowski was on.  Tiffani Amber Thiessen was my goddess of the 90s.  I remember giving 90210 a chance only because she was on the show.  My crush grew deeper as Tiffani shedded her all american girl image in favor of the man stealing, conniving, bad girl that was Valerie Malone.  

Kelly still looking hot in 2010 

Who were your childhood crushes celebrity or not?