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Daily Empire

Main PWE topic of the day… the Daily Empire!

DE 3-20-2012 1100+ Edition! - Pinwheel Empire
DE 3-20-2012 1100+ Edition! (Daily Empire)

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

I am bit disappointed in you all because my first ever DE didn’t even crack 1,000 posts.  That was a huge blow to my ego….. huge.  So huge I added a couple of extra periods to that last ellipse.  Anyway with the game tonight and people eventually migrating over to that thread a 1,000 post DE might not be possible again but somebody has to make the unpopular DE’s… we can’t all be DJ’s.


Feel free to talk about the game in here… and root for Gooden and Illyasova cause they are on my fantasy team.


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