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DE 4/16: Soccer Videos - Pinwheel Empire

DE 4/16: Soccer Videos

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

One of the great time wasters on the internet are compilation highlight clips for soccer players and teams. Even the greatest hater can derive at least some pleasure from the ball thumping the back of the net time and time again.

All of Lionel Messi's 234 goals for Barcelona (though he has scored a few since then). Roughly 20 goals a minute:

A video always gets bonus points if it has music that makes a guy who's not even 40 yet seem like he's dead. Robert Pires assists:

The Ronaldinho Chumbawumba clip. A personal favorite despite the graininess.

This guy was pretty filthy:


you have probably never heard of Micheal Laudrup which is too bad.