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December 22: Why we love basketball edition - Pinwheel Empire

December 22: Why we love basketball edition

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

From dear friend 92wastheyear:

Good ol James Harrison! He will never learn.


'Harrison contended after the game that McCoy ducked. Looking at the tape he's not so sure.

``I guess he's a little shorter, who knows? I don't know,'' Harrison said. ``When it came down to it, my helmet hit his. Oh well.'''


Yeah ...I looked at the tape again too. Guess what i saw. I saw Harrison with his head up.... looking right at McCoy.....I am convinced Harrison saw the McCoy throw the ball....then I saw Harrison dip his head slightly to line it up on Colt ....then laid him out without any effort to wrap him up .


Three things convince me that not only was the suspension warranted ...but probably should have 2 games.


1. Harrison saw the ball leave.....and no effort to pull up. That leads me to think that Harrison wanted to put an unnecessary hit on McCoy.


2. He Dipped his head after the ball was gone...he lined it up, ie: His head went where he aimed it to


3. No attempt to wrap up ....he wanted to lay him out. Why do guys lay out other players instead of tackling them?? They don't want them to get back up....(that last part is opinion...but I think it is true by and large regardless what TV analysts say. Why do analysts lie ....probably the league doesn't want to admit that guys are trying to intentionally hurt each other while simultaneously legislating it out of the game)