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Free Agency Eve

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire

There couldn’t be a better song to encapsulate and embody what LaMarcus Aldridge, franchise star, cornerstone and remnant of a bygone Blazers era, has to decide. Should he stay? Sure, why not– he’d go on to amassing statistics to go into the history books as the best Trail Blazer in history… championship not included… or included… we can’t say yet. Should he go? Sure, why not– he has put in a decade’s worth of work and time, played on a franchise that went through injuries that seems more like a plague befit for the Egyptians than professional basketball players, and he has seemingly been overlooked time and again by media and (maybe) even his own franchise.

If he goes, will there be trouble? I sure hope not. But I also don’t mind if the Blazers decide to toil and dabble in fallow and lean years. My only reservation is how they set themselves up this coming offseason prior to the struggle. What contracts are to be signed? Who do they go after? And if he stays will it be double? Sorry to sound pessimistic, but double what? Portland hasn’t been a free agent haven and I don’t see that changing this off-season just because LaMarcus re-signs.

All I know is that this indecision is killing many Blazers fans and I am sure that many of us are anticipating and wanting it to end.

So, to stay cool before we blow: should he stay or should he go?

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