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Fun with #SSS Preseason Edition - Pinwheel Empire

Fun with #SSS Preseason Edition

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  • Chris Kaman led the ‘zers in PER (27.4), Win Shares (0.72), Total Rebounding % (20.6) and DRtg (90.1) #MVP
  • Our top three players in ORtg? Allen Crabbe, Diante Garrett and Darius Morris #FutureBigThree
  • Steve Blake had the worst DRtg, 2nd worst ORtg and PER on the roster but remained #1 in all Blazers’ fans minds #sCrappy
  • Meyers averaged 18/10 with 3 assists and 1.3 blocks per 36 on 47/40/100 shooting #DirkLite
  • TRob had a worse PER in preseason play than Nolan Smith did in either of his two seasons with the Blazers #OptionDeclined

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