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July 4thish DE - Portland Radio Can EABD - Pinwheel Empire

July 4thish DE – Portland Radio Can EABD

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

I landed in PDX and tuned into some late sports show called the Couch on 750 I think?  

They were discussing three things:

1.  Blzers going all out to court DWill to max

2.  Trading Lillard to Chicago for Korver

3.  The Bleacher Report is the best source of information.  


Maybe I'm a bit spoiled by the discussions here and the sports stations in NY/Philly area (You guys listen to Mike Francesa on WFAN NY?  Best radio host imo) but whatever that show was on the radio was so bad it made me turn to some FM radio music station that had "Call Me Maybe" on...and I left it there (of course i was singing along!)

What's everyone go to sports radio station? 

Anyone up for a beer Thurs night?  Text me, Maybe!