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2/22/13 DE: Prognastisnaking the Oscars - Pinwheel Empire
2/22/13 DE: Prognastisnaking the Oscars (Daily Empire)

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And now!  Back by popular demand! (ok it was one person but whatever) The Predict the Oscars Competition!

First, a quick rundown. I didn’t watch most of the Oscar movies.  I’ve seen Django Unchained and Silver Linings Playbook.  That’s it.  So my information is gonna be pretty scarce.  Which means lots of guessing.  Which also means that when Jake copies my answers, he’s probably gonna be wrong a lot.

As for my year in movies, I think the best movie I saw in the theater (that wasn’t the Raiders of the Lost Ark re-release) was either Looper or Prometheus.  Django Unchained and Skyfall are very close to the top though.  And I really really enjoyed Silver Linings Playbook.  Truth is, I haven’t been to nearly as many movies as I usually go to this year.  Not having income plus movies being ridiculously expensive has meant a lot of cutbacks.   There were others I enjoyed, such as The Raid: Redemption which was one of the best action movies I’ve seen in a long long time, but the ones I mention are the ones that really stand out.

Despite my lack of movie-going, however, I have kept up on the news somewhat so I have a vague idea of what’s going on.  Like, I know that Les Mis was a lot of closeups and good singing (except for Russel Crowe).  And I know that Amour sorta makes you want to slit your wrists or something.  So, here’s some predictions:

Best Supporting Actress:  Anne Hathaway.  I remember when I saw the trailer for Les Mis.  I said to myself: my girlfriend Anne Hathaway is going to win an Oscar.  And it looks like I will be right.  She really doesn’t seem to have any serious competition here.

Best Supporting Actor:  Robert De Niro.  This one is a tough call.  Tommy Lee Jones and Christoph Waltz are both strong contenders.  I’m going with De Niro because it’s been a long time since he won one and SLP is his best work in a very long time.  It’s a good movie with strong acting all around and De Niro really came through.

Best Director:  Ang Lee.  This is another toss up.  The director of my Best Picture choice isn’t nominated, so I have to pick someone else.  I’m going with Ang Lee because it seems like Life of Pi is more a directorial achievement than a really good movie (I haven’t seen it).  I could easily see this award going to Spielberg though.

Best Actress:  Jennifer Lawrence.  She was really great in Silver Linings Playbook  So good, in fact, that it makes her being in Hunger Games even more regrettable.  HG : JLaw :: Phantom Menace : Natalie Portman.  That’s the scenario there.  Anyway, JLaw has all the momentum.  It seemed like there would be a good race with Jessica Chastain for Zero Dark Thirty but it really hasn’t materialized as JLaw has cleaned up awards shows so far.  That run continues Sunday for the former “The Bill Engvall Show” actress.

Best Actor:  Daniel Day Lewis.  When Daniel Day Lewis was cast as Lincoln, before shooting began, voters wrote down his name.  That’s how much of a lock he is.  There is absolutely no contest.  Which is a shame because Bradley Cooper had a really good performance in Silver Linings Playbook that could have won–much the same way Jack Nicholson won for As Good As It Gets.  But no….this is all DDL, who might be the greatest living actor.  This will make his third Best Actor award (My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood).

Best Picture:  Argo.  First, I thought it would be Les Mis but then that film’s reception wasn’t great.  Then I thought it would be Lincoln.  Then I thought Zero Dark Thirty.  Then I thought Lincoln again.  Then I Argo started winning all the awards.  Golden Globe, Director’s Guild, and Screen Actors Guild (I believer) all went to Argo.  That is a ton of momentum and I would think a bit of a surprise.  Lincoln is pure Oscar bait, but so is Argo.  It sure looks like Argo is going to take it with Lincoln its only competition.  And hey…how about that Ben Affleck huh?  Gone Baby Gone, The Town, Argo.  who would have thought….

The Rest:

Best Animated Film:  Wreck It Ralph
Best Cinematography: Life of Pi (but i wish Skyfall would win)
Best Costume Design:  Les Mis
Best Documentary Feature:  Searching for Sugar Man (sounds like a bad porno)
Best Documentary Short:  Redemption (everyone likes redemption stories right?)
Best Film Editing:  Argo
Best Foreign Language Film:  Amour
Best Makeup:  Les Mis
Best Music (Original Score):  Life of Pi (complete guess.  plus I’ve never seen John Williams win)
Best Music (Original Song):  Skyfall (a lock.  had this stuck in my head for days after seeing the movie)
Best Production Design:  Life of Pi (i suppose…might as well roll with it)
Best Short Film (Animated):  Adam and Dog
Best Short Film (Live Action):  Death of a Shadow (because it sounds cool)
Best Sound Editing:  Argo
Best Sound Mixing:  Argo  (i kinda wanna pick Skyfall for both sound categories but going with my best pic)
Best Visual Effects:  Life of Pi (even though I want Promotheus to win something)
Best Writing (Adapted Screenplay):  Argo
Best Writing (Original Screenplay):  Django Unchained


There you have it.  All my well thought out predictions.  As for the contest, the winner gets nothing except satisfaction.  What kind of satisfaction? I don’t know.  maybe they will buy themselves a Snickers bar as a reward.  But they get nothing from me.  Good luck everyone!


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