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12/13/11 Luke Babbitt Edition - Pinwheel Empire

12/13/11 Luke Babbitt Edition

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

As we all know, Luke is the greatest Blazer of all time. Not all of us are comfortable admitting it, but that's OK. Deep down, you know it's true.

I'd like to take this opportunity to get to know each of your feelings about Luke a little bit better. Please answer these questions, in at least 250 word answers per question.


1. Do you like Luke?

2. Is Luke your favorite current Blazer?

3. Is Luke your favorite Blazer of all time?

4. Do you prefer Luke's hair long or short? (Ladies, please spend an extra 250 words on this answer, detailing what you find most sexy about his hair)

5. Do you remember that Luke got a double double last year?

6. Luke Babbitt is awesome.

7. If Luke were an animal, what kind of animal would he be?

8. If Luke were a basketball player, which basketball player would he be?

9. In what ways do you blame Nate for Luke not playing better last year?

10. Luke Babbitt is an American hero: Discuss.


Thank you for putting so much time and thought into answering. As a thank you, here is rare video footage of the greatest dancing any of us have ever seen: