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02/29/12 DAILY EMPIRE LEAP YEAR EDITION - Pinwheel Empire


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Ehh….So I wanted to do a poll but I can’t figure it out.  It’s more confusing than fluctuating gas prices.  Kinda wanted to get everyones opinion on what game we should plan a meetup for.  Leave your choices in the comments somewhere and I guess I have to manually look em up since brandon made this site way too complicated for a simpleton such as myself.  Put down your top few choices….and also put down any dates you 100% know you can’t or don’t want to make. 


March 7 – Wednesday v Minnesota @ 5pm

March 9 – Friday v Boston @430pm

March 10- Saturday v Washington @ 4pm

March 13 – Tuesday v Indiana @ 4pm

March 14-Wednesday v NYK @ 430pm

March 16 – Friday v Chicago @5pm

March 18- Sun v OKC @630pm

March 23 – Friday v LAL @730pm

March 30- Friday v LAC @730pm


I’m thinking could do 2 if there is enough interest…1 during the mega road trip and then one of the LA games.  Whatcha think?