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DE 12/16: Love songs for Brandon edition - Pinwheel Empire

DE 12/16: Love songs for Brandon edition

submitted 7 years ago by in Daily Empire

This new, improved, non-sucky Daily Empire is being posted today because it is a way better idea than Dan’s crappy “everyone is lazy” lazy daily empire post.

Jason Quick told Brandon Roy he loved him.  Brandon also spoke about the difficulties of walking away from someone you love…or don’t love…or something. Parts of that quote didn’t make sense to me but it was a nice thought and part of it was true. 

Basically, all the rambling is about this:  forces beyond anyone’s control just cause Brandon Roy and Portland fans to break up.  It’s like the Capulets and the Montagues breaking up Romeo and Juliet in the form of death.  Except no one here is dying….except on the inside.  No one wanted this….but it had to happen.  Like any good break up, we must turn to the only universal consolation:  no, not alcohol,  music.  That’s right….everyone needs a good love song right now.  Brandon.  Jason Quick.  The Fans. 

So post your love song to Brandon in the form of lyrics, music videos from youtube, whatever.

Here’s mine: