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03/14 DE – Be careful what you wish for

submitted 7 years ago by in Daily Empire

There have been plenty of times in my fandom that I've grown frustrated and tired over players and have wanted the next best thing...then some of these times I end up realizing that the grass isnt necessarily greener on the other side (mainly the J Jack trade for Bayless).  I also remembered when I'd give anything...absolutely anything to watch NBA basketball again when it seemed like we were doomed to lose the 2011-2012 season in its entirety.  Now...I kinda wished I didn't wish that.  Here we are on the final day of the trade deadline and we are faced with the possibility of having Steve Blake come back to Portland for a 3rd time.  The Blazers' also better be careful what they wish for because plenty of fans have voiced that they'd be canceling their season tickets next season if Blake is back in a Blazer uniform.  

Now that we've had the season that we've you guys wish that we were still locked out?