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New team (sorta), same dream (kinda), but are we still trying to rise? DE - Pinwheel Empire

So… when exactly did the team go away from the ‘Rise With Us’ marketing campaign to the ‘United’ marketing campaign? Serious question because I didn’t really notice the difference until just a second ago. I think with the solidarity of what was supposed to be here in Portland shattered worse than GO’s kneecap or even ground to a pulp like Brandon’s meniscus, it was time for the change. In came “New Team, New Dream,” or whatever Shrek thought would be cunning and get Tweeters clicks. But that dream was a nightmare because… well, you saw last season. 

And here we are: 5 days removed from selecting a Lillard-esque clone in McCollum, a shooter that I hope makes it so Will Barton is relegated to the D-League, and college basketball’s leading shot-blocker. There is still a pall… a cloud… an uneasiness. It’s kind of like The Nothing… but there is no Atreyu around, just that really scary Princess girl that seems mad about something trivial. Yes, NO got ThRob for what amounts to Dumbo’s diet. What does it mean if the team doesn’t make a big(ger) splash this summer?

We’re tired of treading water, though we have to ask ourselves how far we can realistically expect to rise? Cool a new team! Meh, the same dream. Rising? Really? Bahumbug.

My friends of the Empire of Pinwheel, I say we unite in our cynicism and enjoyment of each other’s company. Our creative collective is enough to help us tread water with this team. Let’s do this together. Or, you know, we could have false hope and everything. NAH, STUFF THAT– LET’S BE REAL!

*Inspired by the main man TiMB and his reaction to the draft and seemingly complete disinterest. I’m here for you bud, I’m united in the struggle with you. Let’s be grumpy cats and Makayla faces this summer,  unimpressed and forever frowny. This will be fun… until we get Asik for the pupu platter, right?


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