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PWE Draft Preview Daily Prospect: Frank Kaminsky

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Frank Kaminsky

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Big|  7’1 | 230 | Wisconsin
Projected: Mid Lottery
Best Case: Brad Miller
Most Likely: Kelly Olynyk
Worst Case: Byron Mullens


Frank Kaminsky was an incredibly productive college player who helped drag Wisconsin to a Final Four berth at this year’s NCAA tournament. He has elite shooting, ball-handling and passing skills for a big man. He can play within the flow of a game or stand out as a featured option in the post when required. His mobility and fluidity help him offensively and should help him guard in space when he gets to the league. As a prospect, he reminds me a lot of Kelly Olynyk, who has had a respectable first couple years as an NBA player. All this bodes well for Kaminsky.

The downside is the same it always seems to be for this type of player. He’s not particularly long or athletic so struggled finishing over length and athleticism in college. Offensively he’s a power forward who could see some minutes as a stretch 5 but in college he was never asked to defend far from the basket for long periods. He doesn’t have the tools to be a rim protector so chasing power forwards around will need to be part of his role at the next level and it’s an area I’m dubious he can excel in. Again, Kaminsky looks the part of a versatile offensive player who has to be worked around on defense, much like Olynyk did coming out of Gonzaga.

Kaminsky is another that fits into the ‘benefit doesn’t justify the cost’ category for the Blazers. You probably can’t get as polished a player as him at #23 but I think you can find someone with the talent to be better in the NBA than he’ll be. He might work well on a team with an established rim protector wanting an offensive maven to pair with them for the future – Detroit or Indiana makes some sense in that vein, or possibly Utah if they want to add him as a third big who could play with either Favors or Gobert. In the end, I think there is almost certainly a role in the league for Kaminsky, I just don’t see it being a starring one.


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