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PWE Mock Draft Competition V - Pinwheel Empire

PWE Mock Draft Competition V

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire | Draft

Fifth annual Mock Draft Competition on tap. Last year’s didn’t come to fruition, so Ryan won by default as the only entrant. Hopefully with the Blazers actually having a pick this year, the draft will feel more relevant.

To play complete a mock draft here (select First Round (1-30) then Official 2015 Draft Order) then link it in the comments below, or just post your mock and bonus choices below if you find that easier.

The scoring remains unchanged – If you get a pick right, you get 3 points, if you miss by a slot, 2 points and if you miss by a couple, 1 point. Three bonus categories – the Lock, the Sleeper and the Slipper – plus multipliers for consecutive correct picks.

The Lock
Whichever pick you are most confident in you tab as your Lock. If you get it right, you get 5 bonus points. Locks must be outside the top 3 picks.

The Sleeper
Based off this DraftExpress mock draft (June 17th version), pick one player you have tabbed as going at least 5 spots higher. If they do get drafted at least 5 spots higher than in that mock draft, you get 5 bonus points, regardless of whether you got them in the right position or not.

The Slipper
The reverse of the Sleeper. Using the same template, pick a player you think will be drafted at least 5 spots lower than predicted. 5 bonus points if you’re right, whether you have them in the right slot or not.

Pretty simple concept – you get two picks in a row right, you get double points on that second pick. Three in a row, triple points on the third and so on. These multipliers don’t apply to bonus points.

Entries to be submitted by midnight on Wednesday the 24th.


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