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A Not Quite Too Late Christmas Day Day Lee - Pinwheel Empire

A Not Quite Too Late Christmas Day Day Lee

submitted 5 years ago by in Daily Empire

I feel like everything in my life is kind of dazed lately. The image quality of these picture seems to reflect that. I also took video that I haven’t tried to look at but don’t have a lot of hope for.

But the best experiences in life cannot really be captured by a video..

The “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Christmas Pagaent performance at the Twin Rivers Church was a uniquely enjoyable experience. Like most people, I went from really liking the TV special “A Charlie Brown Christmas” as a kid to thinking it was really corny as a preteen to finding it cool for it’s unique retro-hip qualities. Watching this live performance took me through all stages of my relationship with this show before moving me to a new one.

From the fascinating documentary on the history of the TV show with the whys and hows of the Peanuts cartoon strip starting it’s notable voyage into holiday TV specials through the fun performances of the cast and band, this was one night where I was glad that I took the long dark drive down to Milwaukie.

This is a couple of pictures of Charlie Brown and Pigpen:



Maybe you recognize this blurry imagery of Charlie Brown? Well here’s a closer blurry look!



Minus a beard and a Bill Walton, a lot of props goes to our guy Jeff. He did a great job taking the role of the confused everyman trying to figure out the true meaning of Christmas.

Finally, a couple of pictures of the set. I meant to get one of the Psychiatric Help booth but it got covered towards the end and I forgot about it




And a reminder: a few of us at least will be at Blitz Ladd on Saturday at 6:30 for the Portland/Miami game. If you can’t make the game and want to watch what might actually be a compelling match?! come on down and hang.

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