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Summer League, makes me feel fine - Pinwheel Empire
Summer League, makes me feel fine (Daily Empire)

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire

Do you have jasmine in your mind?

  We know Meyers Leonard does, because uh, I don't know.  That makes no sense.  Who has jasmine in their mind?

There are going to be 24 teams all dressed up for the summer league championship series. 

Our goal, as always is to have jerseys in the rafters of the Thomas and Mack center. 

What are the teams to watch?

T-wolves?  Maybe this is time for a Zach Lavine breakout MVP season.  Forget about the big name rookies! 

Lavine is going to want to dominate to keep his spot on the rotation.  No Bennett on the roster?  That dude needs more playing time.

The Lakers have Randle, Russell and Upshaw. 

They are obviously excited to get Randle back on the court, but Russell is the shiny new object, and Upshaw. What happened to Upshaw?  He went undrafted, which makes him a draft slipper, so it'll be interesting to see if the Lakers can develop a center instead of just steal HOFers from small markets.

Of course the Blazers have intrigue.  This is Meyers chance to put his stamp on the incoming rookies.  He's gotta tell them this is his team, his dream.  Meyers is going to be the big man anchoring this Blazers team for years to come. 

Holy cow, let that sink in…

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