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The Day Before 2013's Last Month - Pinwheel Empire
The Day Before 2013′s Last Month (Daily Empire)

submitted 5 years ago by in Daily Empire

Now we stand one day away from December 1st, 2013. Feels as if yesterday was January 1st, though I can’t remember what I was doing on the 1st… so that statement sounds silly. Wait, I’m pretty sure I was working some lame shift. Shit, where was I going with this? Ah: time continuing to drip and drop on is as impressive as it is that it can feel as if it stands still. As we have passed Thanksgiving Day and a time to appreciate and be thankful for the people and interactions in our life, we move into a time of reflection over all that has transpired over the last 11 months. Not only that, but we are cognizant of how we would like to live out the 31 remaining days of the year. Much can happen in the preceding 11 months that can bring joy, happiness and celebration and could be undone with a bad mindset heading into December. On the other hand, 11 months of frustration, pain and disdain could be melted away with a vibrant December. It comes down to one’s own personal mindset on how they want to go about being.

What were some triumphs of your year to date? If so, awesome. Any tribulations? Alas, strength and character is built through surviving difficult times. Did you achieve any of the goals that you set for yourself this year? You go Glen Coco: pat yourself on the back because goal achieving occurs by making a change from within and from opportunities presented to oneself. Lastly– how do you want to end your year 2013?

I hope that amid the holiday hoopla and the commercial craze that everyone has the opportunity to keep their mind clear and reflect on how their year has gone. Not only that, but to also prepare to finish it as strong as they started it.


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