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Game Thread vs Mavs / 3/13/12 DE: DARTS! - Pinwheel Empire
Game Thread vs Mavs / 3/13/12 DE: DARTS! (Daily Empire | Game Threads)

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire | Game Threads

Some facts about darts:

You play to 551 in a traditional darts match.

Darts has weird scoring.

The highest score is a triple 20, which is worth 65.

A bullseye is worth 551.  If you get one, you win automatically and the other player has to kiss your throwing hand.

Darts has weird rules.

I once beat Brian (formerly known as GB) at darts.

The pointy end of a dart hurts if it gets jammed in your eye.  Trust me, I know from the time I jammed a dart in someone’s eye.

The non pointy end of a dart has little thingies on it that make it fly straighter.  The technical name for those is “thingies.”

The first dart board wasn’t the target we’re all familiar with, but a picture of a bare butt.  The butt hole was the bullseye.  It is long rumoured the butt belonged to Sir Thomas O’Dartley.  Hence the name, darts.


And now you know many facts about darts.  You’re welcome.