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Tracking Noah’s Arc: Summer League vs the Spurs

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire | Rip City

You shouldn’t try to judge a player off one game. You definitely shouldn’t off one summer league game. Nevertheless, here I am trying just that. I was lukewarm on Noah Vonleh as a prospect coming into the 2014 draft and certainly didn’t subject myself to many Hornets games last season, so my knowledge of his game is pretty non-existant. Scouting him as best I could in yesterday’s game against the Spurs, I tried to look for strengths and weaknesses in how he approached the game and where he looked comfortable rather than counting up the boxscore stats to condemn or laud his future potential. This is how I saw it:




  • Shows good mobility both north-south and east-west
  • Fluid runner who should create havoc in transition
  • Comfortable cutting off the ball and driving with ball in hand (drive from outside the 3pt line with a pseudo euro step in Q1 was particularly impressive)
  • Moved his feet and contested well when matched up one on one against his opposite number


  • Seeks out space left open by the defense (resulted in two trips to the FT line in Q1 and two dunks in Q2)
  • Actively looks for opportunities to spot up at the 3pt line when not screening or posting up
  • Keeps defender honest even during routine perimeter passing (threw off defender with a pass fake and drilled a three in Q2)

Post Play

  • Uses his pace to establish strong post position early in the clock on a regular basis
  • No hesitation putting the ball on the floor from the mid or high post
  • Willing passer (declined an easy hook in Q3 to make a wrap around pass to a wide open Orton for the dunk)





  • His feel for positioning on offense doesn’t translate to the defensive end – often caught in no mans land
  • No real evident nose for the ball (lost two rebounds that really should’ve been his in the 2nd half)
  • Willing passer but doesn’t see the simple pass when doubled at this stage


  • Form on his hook shot is nice but he doesn’t put up a soft ball at present
  • Jumper looks pretty but does seem a little flat – possibly limiting his ability from mid-range


Bit of Both


Physical Play

  • Didn’t utilise the fact that he was noticeably thicker and more explosive than his counterparts down low
  • Likes to play in space rather than banging – even in the post he goes more for finesse than physicality
  • Didn’t always seek someone to box out on defense (got punished for this when Davies dunked on him in Q4)
  • Is happy driving into a crowd to draw foul and seems adept at doing it
  • Dived for a couple loose balls (forcing a jump ball on one occasion)


  • Was decisive and often put pressure on the defense when he received the ball either with a drive, shot or pass
  • After a post or screen where he doesn’t receive the ball, he can get caught watching the game rather than engaging
  • His movement often resulted in him being in useful spots offensively but he rarely calls for the ball outside of post ups
  • Doesn’t look the part of an aggressive interior defender
  • Was relentless going to  the offensive glass (drew a foul and got a putback in Q4 as a reward for his efforts)



Other Game Notes

  • Tim Frazier has ball-on-a-string handles
  • Frazier won’t be able to finish in the NBA the way he has been in Summer League but if he can distribute at this level I think he’ll have the inside track on that third PG spot at training camp
  • Every shot Crabbe took I thought was going in (most did)
  • Every dribble Crabbe took felt like it would lead to a turnover (most did)
  • Connaughton is a crafty finisher inside – uses jump steps and shields the ball with his body well

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