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DE 1/6 Watching The Heat from the ER...way to go TNT - Pinwheel Empire

DE 1/6 Watching The Heat from the ER…way to go TNT

submitted 6 years ago by in Daily Empire

This morning on the radio they were talking about how much money was spent to not watch the 1st half of the Blazer game.....I think I have them all beat. Me and Janet went to the game last night, to have some nice club level buffet and a nice night out together watching the Blazer kick the Lakers ass. Unfortunately, it was pouring at the exact instant we got out the car and walked to the we walked that 3-4 blocks or so at a pretty quick pace. By the time we got to the Rose Room ....I began to have an asthma attack, no inhaler...shit!. It ramped up to the point that I needed a paramedic and an ambulance ...soo...I was taken down thru the bowels of the RG transported to St Vincent where i was taken care of quite nicely. All the doctors and nurses were asking about the game ....I told them it hadn't started yet . They said well we get TNT here in the treatment room...lets turn it on. Well you all know the rest ...paid for club level seats i was unable to use ...then paid for an emergency room visit and watched a triple overtime snoozer on the little TV they had...then listened to a couple of mins of the 2nd half on the radio on the way home...finally watched the rest in my living room ....only redeeming things are as follows ....I really didn't miss anymore than anyone else not at the game...we beat the crap outta Kobe and the Lakers...and no douchebag laker fans sat in my seats!