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Main PWE topic of the day… the Daily Empire!

June 24th Daily Day Betweenz - Pinwheel Empire
June 24th Daily Day Betweenz (Daily Empire)

submitted 5 years ago by in Daily Empire

So here is a picture of the basketball “hoop” in my apartment complex. As you should be able to see, not only is the pole bent forward but, yes, there is only a backboard (no hoop) on that “hoop”.

But the story doesn’t end there. The complex is made like a figure 8 and my girl tells me there’s a second court on the other side. So, I decided to investigate what was on that court…


The good news was that I found the missing basketball hoop! it was “attached” to this pole without a backboard that was kinda hanging up by the fence on the second court.

So here’s the question for today. Would you rather play on the court with the bent pole and no hoop but a backboard or on the court with the hoop but it’s just sort of hanging on a pole without a backboard?


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