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2018 PWE Mock Draft Comp - Pinwheel Empire

2018 PWE Mock Draft Comp

submitted 3 months ago by in Draft

Year 8 of the Mock Draft Comp. To play complete a mock draft here (select First Round (1-30) then Official 2018 Draft Order) then link it in the comments below, along with your bonus choices.

The scoring remains unchanged – If you get a pick right, you get 3 points, if you miss by a slot, 2 points and if you miss by a couple, 1 point. 3 bonus categories – the Lock, the Sleeper and the Slipper – plus multipliers for consecutive correct picks.

The Lock
Whichever pick you are most confident in you tab as your Lock. If you get it right, you get 5 bonus points. Locks must be outside the top 3 picks.

The Sleeper
Based off this mock draft (now that DX are ESPN sellouts), pick one player you have tabbed as going at least 5 spots higher. If they do get drafted at least 5 spots higher than in that mock draft, you get 5 bonus points, regardless of whether you got them in the right position or not.

The Slipper
The reverse of the Sleeper. Using the same mock draft, pick a player you think will be drafted at least 5 spots lower than predicted. 5 bonus points if you’re right, whether you have them in the right slot or not.

Pretty simple concept – you get two picks in a row right, you get double points on that second pick. Three in a row, triple points on the third and so on. These multipliers don’t apply to bonus points.

Entries close 3pm Pacific time tomorrow

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1st Place

AK on 62 points (10 correct picks, first 4 correct and nailed the latest correct pick at #29, no bonus points)

Tied 3rd

Story on 37 points (4 correct picks but 12 picks one off, no bonus points)
Ian on 37 points (6 correct picks, first three correct, no bonus points)
Tim on 37 points (3 correct picks, 11 picks one off, 5 bonus points for the lock)

This year’s competition was….not close. Congrats to AK.

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