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Talk about players that we will fail to draft

Draft Liveblog! - Pinwheel Empire
Draft Liveblog! (Draft)

submitted 5 years ago by in Draft

I’ll be here breaking down the first round of the draft, detailing picks and swaps, and generally having a grand old time! Hit me up on twitter @chrismommsen or email chrismommsen at gmail dot com! First pick at 7:30.

6:13: I promise I’ll read the comments and stuff, but not for the next 15 minutes while I run to the liquor store.

6:11: 2nd most amusing possibility is the idea of watching Mike Rice backpedal if Portland drafts Drummond.

6:09: Personally it would be kind of funny if Waiters and Barnes went 2 + 3. Then we  could just get rid of college basketball AND workouts.



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