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PWE Mock Draft Competition Results - Pinwheel Empire

PWE Mock Draft Competition Results

submitted 6 years ago by in Draft


Bringing up the rear, on 17 points....Ian.

  • No correct picks outside of Davis
  • Only person to score zero points outside of the lottery

Second to last, on 18 points....A-Team.

  • Davis, a correct lock on Beal and then...pretty much nuthin

In twelfth, on 19 points....Hem

  • One slot away from getting full points with a Rivers lock 

In eleventh, on 19 points....Clem

  • Wins the tiebreaker with Hem due to having four correct picks to his three
  • One of the only people to score more points outside the lottery than in it

In tenth, on 23 points....Matt

  • Was close to the lead through the first six picks, then went on a terrible run with only two points in the next ten picks
Ninth, on 30 points....Blaine
  • Got the lock right with Beal at three and correctly tabbed a sleeper only one other did in Cunningham
In a tie for sixth, on 31 points....HD, DJ and Jake
  • All had four correct picks
  • DJ managed to rack up ten points in just four picks, from ten to thirteen.
  • Jake scored big with Sullinger as a slipper within one slot for seven points and Wroten dead on as a sleeper going to Memphis at 25
  • HD hit on all three bonus slots, with Beal, Sullinger and Cunningham
 In fifth, on 32 points.....AK
  • Easily the most correct picks with seven
  • Four correct picks outside the top ten with Leonard, Henson, Fournier and Wroten
  • Lack of points from the bonus slots and close picks relegated him to this position
  • Would've won under the old format
In fourth, on 34!
  • The anti-AK, only 3 correct picks but 19 points from the bonus slots
First onto the podium in third, on 36 points.....WesMoneyy
  • Only person who got two picks in a row correct with Lillard at six and Barnes at seven
In second, on 39 points.....Dan
  • Tied for second most correct with five
  • Dominated the early going with 22 points in the first eleven picks
  • Made a late charge with 15 points in the last eleven picks
  • Soft middle prevented the win : P
Finally, the winner of the 2012 PWE Mock Draft Comptition, with 40 points......Jamie!!
  • Tied for second most correct picks with five
  • Killed the bonus slots, getting 22 points from the three -8 for Beal at three, 7 for Henson slipping at 15 and 7 for Wroten as a sleeper at 26
  • Still needed Jeffrey Talyor pick at 30 to stave off Dan's late charge
Until next year, all hail Jamie/Maggy!