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PWE Mock Draft Competition - Pinwheel Empire

PWE Mock Draft Competition

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Mock draft season is in full swing, with opinions and unnamed sources flying around left and right. PWE is built on a foundation of people willing to discuss and dissect utter bollocks like mock drafts, and after the resounding success of the inaugural PWE Mock Draft Competition, a comeback was inevitable. So, here it is, aiming to avoid a sophmore slump by making a few subtle adjustments and enhancements.....


The Basics

If you want to participate, go here and complete a first round draft using the official 2012 draft order. Once completed, put the link in a comment below. I'll put all the entries into a spreadsheet and do all the complicated calculations necessary to figure out how I won.



I decided to alter the basic scoring from last year, as it seemed to reward a draft which got a couple of picks dead on over one that was pretty solid but missed on a fair number of guys by one or two slots. In order to balance this out, this years competition will have a sliding scale. Last year, if you didn't get a pick correct, you got zero points. This year, if you are within two slots either side of a prospects actual draft position, you will be rewarded.

Example: Player X gets drafted 10th

Last year if you guessed he'd be drafted 10th, you'd get two points. If you guessed 8th, 9th, 11th or 12th (ie. close but no cigar), you'd get none.

This year, if you guessed he'd be drafted 10th, you'd get three points. If you were off by one (9th or 11th) you'd get two points. If you were off by two (8th or 12th) you'd get one point.

This format should be much higher scoring, particularly at the top end of the draft, and everyone knows that a high scoring game is more entertaining. Science!


Bonus Points

This year, there will be three ways to score big with a single pick;  the Lock and the Sleeper remain from last year but this year we also have the Slipper (credit: clemsaucy). These should be written in below the link to your mock draft.

The Lock is a simple enough concept - whichever pick you are most confident in you announce as your lock. If you're right, you get five bonus points (in addition to the three for getting it right in the first place). No credit for getting one or two slots off on your lock, though. 

Edit: Anthony Davis cannot be used as a lock, for obvious reasons.

The Sleeper is a tad more complex. The idea here is to tab someone you think will be drafted higher than the 'experts' think. The template used for this is the DraftExpress mock draft (as of June 18th), as they are consistently one of the most well informed/accurate draft sites out there. To tab someone as your Sleeper, you need to have them at least 5 slots higher in your mock draft than they are in the DraftExpress one. You get the points if they do get drafted at least 5 slots higher than predicted, regardless of whether it's to the team/in the slot you put them or not. The Sleeper is an optional bonus, as you may decide no one will rise on draft day.

The Slipper is effectively just the opposite of the Sleeper. Tab someone in your mock draft who you think will slip  5 or more spots from his DraftExpress mock draft position. If he does, five bonus points for you!

There will also we a way to up your score by getting a number of picks correct in a row. Each additional correct pick acts like a multiplier - two in a row means double points for that second selection, three in a row means triple points on the third and so on. This may seem like an extreme bonus, but last year no one got more than two in a row so if someone pulls off a streak of four or five, they deserve all the points they get. Only correct pick points count for this multiplier, not any bonus points from a lock/sleeper/slipper. Also, this had to be included cos everyone loves combos.



You can post your mock draft any time between the time this is posted and the end of this week (until midnight Sunday Pacific Time). If you post early and want to make alterations, you can email me at or post a note in the current DE and I'll try to catch up with it.


With that, let the 2nd annual Mock Draft Competition begin!