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PWE Mock Draft Competition III Results - Pinwheel Empire

PWE Mock Draft Competition III Results

submitted 5 years ago by in Draft

Wooden is a tie between Matt Berg and DJ, both with 14 points

  • Only completed the lottery so was on pace for a mid table finish
  • Respectable three correct picks for DJ, jack all else
Third last on 17 points is Blaine
  • Complied only 5 points in the lottery, with his ambitious pick of Oladipo to the Blazers surely to blame
Next is Dan on 18 points
  • Another victim of the lottery shake-up, only one correct selection
Tied 11th on 19 points – Clem, HD and BlazersbySagar
  • Clem only had one correct pick but nailed it for the full 8 points with Porter locked at #3
  • HD had two picks dead on but an impressive 13 point scoring selections
  • BlazersbySagar nailed three picks but picked up no bonus points
Coming in 10th on 23 points is Ian
  • Winner of the most improved award
Tied 8th on 24 points – hirtmichael and c_davies82
  • hirtmichael nailed Porter as a lock at #3 for maximum points, was one slot off on six other picks
  • c_davies82 was the only one to lock Oladipo in at #2
In 7th on 27 points – Chris
  • Had Nogueira pegged as a sleeper correctly, in addition to three correct picks
Next up on 30 points – Murphy51
  • Got maximum points on both Porter locked at #3 and Plumlee slipping to #22
In 5th on 32 points – Jake
  • One of three people to have back to back correct picks and got full points on Noggy as a sleeper at #17
Just off the podium in 4th on 33 points – Matt
  • Also had back to back correct picks, had Porter as a lock at #3 and got the degree of difficulty award nailing Nedovic at #30
The bronze goes to AK on 36 points
  • Four correct picks, full points on Porter locked at #3 and Bullock slipping to #25
Silver medal goes to me on 42 points
  • Hit on all three bonus selections for a total of 21 points, total of 17 point scoring selections
And the winner, on 43 points, is…………Jerod!
  • Had back to back correct picks twice with Oladipo and Porter then MCW and Adams
  • 7 total correct picks include maximum points for Plumlee slipping to #22
For a bit of fun, I ran DX’s mock draft through. Without any bonus points (except for one multiplier for back to back picks) they got 28 points. Not half bad. 
Looking forward to next year already.

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