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Blazers vs. Sun Gameday Thread - Pinwheel Empire
Blazers vs. Sun Gameday Thread (Game Threads)

submitted 6 years ago by in Game Threads

Blazers head down to the valley to compete against the Suns.  Here are the games within the game:

  • The aging Steve Nash versus the ageless Steve Nash
  • Old run & gun Suns versus new run & gun Blazers
  • The Polish Hammer vs. The Rhino
  • Jay Jensen versus Suns Security.  (Jay looking for medical team secrets)
  • Alvin Gentry vs. the Zebras
  • Crash Windmill vs. LMA Windmill vs. EWill Windmill
  • Sebas vs. Nolan
GO Blazers!!!!!!!!!!
MOST IMPORTANTLY, WATCH for WEAR IN THE WORLD with our own TheTinfoil on the KGW Broadcast:  
Update:  Tinfoil is bad luck so I deleted him.  Lets see what happens in the 2nd half.