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Blazers vs. Clippers HNY Gameday Thread - Pinwheel Empire
Blazers vs. Clippers HNY Gameday Thread (Game Threads)

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A few things to watch by jakesnake99

On the young season, the Clips are dead last in defensive rating, as they’ve done a terrible job forcing misses like sky said (28th in efg% allowed) and an even worse job rebounding the misses they have forced (dead last in dreb%).

 They are 3rd in offensive rating so far, which has surprisingly been driven by a crazily low turnover rate (10.7% of their possessions- NO has the 2nd lowest rate at 11.9%). The Clips other 4 factors are average-ish so far.

 Like Paul’s Hornets did, the Clips have played slow so far, 23rd in pace factor. Too early for these to mean much of anything, but stuff to watch anyway.  SnugP3 is awesome.