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A Marvelous Summer League Review - Pinwheel Empire

A Marvelous Summer League Review

submitted 3 years ago by in Daily Empire | NBA


Following the most invisible awards show in recent memory (NBPA Players Awards), I figured Summer League deserved its own set of awards too. Only rookies and sophmores need apply. 20 awards for the 20 days since the whole farce began. Without further ado….


The Tony Stark Award

For Technical Superiority

Noah Vonleh

50% from deep, catching lobs, making moves in the post and killing the offensive boards.
Too. Many. Weapons.


The Peter Parker Plate

For Extra Sensory Perception

Delon Wright

9.4 assists and 2.6 steals per 36.
He knew what his team and the opposition were thinking.


The Bruce Banner Award

For Physical Dominance

Willie Cauley-Stein

Bigger, faster and stronger than anyone he came up against.
Enjoys the humiliating swats.


The Hawkeye Memorial Cup

For Long Distance Sniping

Aaron Gordon

There was a lots to like about Gordon’s dominance in Orlando but for a guy who isn’t supposed to be able to shoot,
50% on 4 attempts a game might be the first thing people notice.


The Mister Fantastic Award

For Ridiculous Length

Myles Turner

4.3 blocks in under 30 minutes, all on timing and length.
No one could get near his jumper.
60/66/80 and a 36 PER.


The Daredevil cup

For Worst Debut

D’Angelo Russell

Elite college range shooter – shot 12% from deep.
Lauded for his vision – AST-TO ratio nearing 1-2.
The numbers don’t really hold much weight but the fact that he looked like he was running in molasses might.


The Ant-Man Award

For Pint Sized Pugnacity

Russ Smith

15 points, 6 assists, 3 steals per game and a TS% of 60.
Russdiculous will be a good backup point guard, especially if he finds himself on Thibs next team.


The Cap Shield

For Traditional Supremacy

Jahlil Okafor

His numbers are unimpressive when you dig deeper but the embarrassment he caused in the post was real.
Big Al has someone to hand his bulk post scoring crown over to, possibly this season.


The Quicksilver Award

For Time Dilation

Kyle Anderson

How does this happen? He must create some type of time warp that slows everyone else up.
Really though, 24 points per 36 and a 27 PER in the 2nd biggest sample in Summer League (behind RHJ) is pretty impressive.


The Asgard Trophy

For Godlike Preeminence


Best Summer League performance of the top 5 guys drafted.
He shows flashes of having it all – a mobile 7’3 athlete with a jumper, running around swatting and dunking.


The Benjamin Grimm Award

For Clobberin’

Lucas Nogueira

16 rebounds and 4 blocks per 36.
Bebe has grown up.


The Human Torch Award

For Relentless Scoring

Zach LaVine

Shot 32% but still scored 22 a game on a near average TS%.
9 freebies and 6 deep bombs a game on good percentages saved him from getting the next award.


The Rocket Trophy

For Most Unrepentant Gunning

Rashad Vaughn

Threw up 17 shots in under 30 minutes a game.
Showed his versatility but also put up a putrid 46 TS%.


The Groot Cup

For Best Impression of a Tree

Walter Tavares

Hung out being 7’3, blocked 5 shots per 36.
Only NBAer who can call Gobert stumpy.


The Ultron Award

For Unwarranted Hype and Wasted Potential

Julius Randle

“He’s a beast” “Who needs LaMarcus?” “The next great Laker big”
Didn’t rebound and wasn’t efficient in his second Summer League.
Red flag city.


The Natasha Romanoff Plate

For Looking Good Without Doing Much

Emmanuel Mudiay

Looked smooth as hell while racking up as many turnovers as made shots


The Starlord Award

For Personal Improvement

Shabazz Napier

PER of 6 last Summer League bumped to 28 this time around.
Not too shabby.


The Wolverine Cup

For Slashing and Starpower

Mario Hezonja

This was probably the highlight of Summer League.
Hit a game winning three in his other outing.


The Vision Trophy

For Unrealised Potential

Karl Towns

Managed to show exactly how he could destroy the league despite a disappointing Summer League debut overall.


The Deadpool Award

For General Badassery

Stanley Johnson

My Summer League MVP.
Did it all – Efficient bulk scoring, dominated with both skill and physicality while racking up 3 stocks a game
Showed out for the Jack of All Trades, Master of None team.

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