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New Website & Info - Pinwheel Empire

New Website & Info

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So obviously you can see PWE has completely changed. We have gone away from the other CMS we used which means membership/signing up has completely changed... for the better. I know the first impressions/opinions will be about chat being gone... but the upside is we now have real-time commenting using system. So essentially every post/topic is a chat room and not a flowing chat with multiple topics going on at once. So if you want to discuss about baseball then make a baseball post. If you want to talk about cats then make a cat post.  We will probably enable chat for gameday or private messaging.  

This is for the better and will make other parts of the site actually useful.  We want to gear up to make the game time experience really fun... and also want to take advantage of mobile real time commenting.

Some information that might be helpful for you...

  • TO COMMENT -  You need a livefyre account. You don't essentially need to make a new account, just connect it to your social media account (twitter,facebook... whatever you use). To sign up for one simply comment and you will be prompted or click here
  • TO POST TOPICS ON PWE - On the right side bar you will see topics by users (along with sections). To post these topics you need to sign up for a PWE Posting Account RIGHT HERE ! 
I know having 2 logins can be kind of confusing but really it's not. Majority of users will be involved with real-time commenting while the vets (lame) will be the ones contributing to content. So look at the PWE POSTING ACCOUNT as a VIP account... kinda.
I know there are little blips/quirks as of right now. The new site has just launched and it will have those and will be fixed/along with expanding and refining a lot of ideas. So please any recommendations are absolutely welcome.
We are working on way more features and plan to expand on the idea. I just want to make sure we get most of them done before the season starts so I can get busy making videos instead of coding!


Brandon is the Empire Sports Network/Pinwheel Empire website developer, graphics designer and video producer. He is the dude that makes those Blazer videos and rarely sleeps.