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PWE3 release - Pinwheel Empire is now Moda Empire

Pinwheel Empire is now Moda Empire

submitted 5 years ago by in PWE News

Not really.  We felt that the $5 offer for our site’s annual naming rights was a bit below our market value ($10 and we would have sold it!)

But we are happy to announce the latest version of PWE!

Here are the some of the highlights:

  1. pweadidasAdidas Employee Store Pass.  You should be happy to know that we still believe in bribery and blackmail, so we are proud to announce that members (new and old) who sign up this week get access to the Adidas Employee Store for 50% off everything in store, including that Luke Babbitt jersey that is already 99% discounted.  Sign up and you will get that fancy pass in your email.
  2. Voting system.  This summer we had to a chance to visit our friends at Reddit, and it inspired us to blatantly copy their system.  You can now downvote all the crappy posts and comments (there are a lot of them) and upvote the ones you love.  Make sure to upvote this one because if you don’t, I won’t send you that pass to Adidas.  Get enough upvotes and the comments will turn green, get enough downvotes and your comments turn red.  We’re all about public shaming.
  3. New real-time commenting system, live event splash page, subPWEs, and the cool thing called Single Sign On.  Sign in once and be able to post an article, comment, vote, etc.  It’s pretty dumb we didn’t have that before, but no one said we were smart.
  4. New writers!!!  On top of the existing team that did nothing spectacular, except maybe those Luke Babbitt videos (we like to keep pace with how the Blazers perform), we brought a handful of new writers to the site that will be writing recaps, opinions, evaluations and comics (yes, comics).  Our goal is to provide fresh, new content on a weekly basis, good or bad.
  5. Trophies.  Based on how much you interact and the votes you get, you will receive virtual and real trophies.  We will also give out a poop ton of prizes based on your interaction with the sites and the contests we play.  (Remember when we gave out front row seats last year to the Wizard’s game?  Yeah, I don’t either).
  6. Dear Abby.  We have a section called Anonymous where you can post Dear Abby sports or off-topic type questions to our members while shielding your true identity (welcome to the interwebs).  Welcome to the PWE Circle of Trust.  Just select xAnonymous as your subpwe and it will automatically shield your username/identity.
  7. More cat pictures.

So please join, and visit PWE3 when you get a chance.  Thank you to Mr. Brandon Mitchell, video extraordinaire, for directing and making PWE3 what it is.  If you hate it, blame him.  If you love it, upvote my post so I can get a trophy.

Go Blazers!

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