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Welcome to PWE3 - Pinwheel Empire

Welcome to PWE3

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tempI am happy to say that today we will be retiring the infamous PWE2 that was launched nearly 2 years ago. For the past year we have been working on a new structured site that puts the focus back on making it easier to contribute and communicate with eachother. This new site has been completely restructured and all PWE2 posts have been ported over (along with livefyre comments). There is so much that has changed and I will go over each individual item below.


ONE account for everything. All you need is a PWE account and you can add posts and comment flawlessly. To get a PWE account please visit here.

  • Remember you need to have a PWE account. Our old comment system used livefyre and we could not port users from their system to ours. If you did sign up for a PWE2 account (wordpress account) then it will work here. If you did not then you need to register a new account here.

New commenting system:

This new comment system is completely custom for us. It allows us to have complete flexibility to allow us to bring a unique experience to PWE users. It is all real-time and functions with your PWE account and is optimized to work efficiently with mobile devices. All you have to do is login to PWE and comment… that’s it.

 Other options for comment system:

  • Embedding images can be from any URL (not just imgur like the past). Just copy and paste the URL as a comment and it will auto embed.
  • Upload an image embed – you can now upload an image directly with our commenting system.
  • Responsive mobile theme – commenting system will adjust depending on your device.
  • Comment nesting – For 2 years we had to deal with the ability to only have 4 levels of nested comments. Now we have unlimited (although limited to 11 right not for desktop). This will make following conversations more organized.
  • Upvote/Downvote system depending on the amount of upvotes and downvotes individual comments will now change (green represents lots of upvotes, red represents lots of downvotes).
  • Realtime indicator of new comments – it actually works correctly (and on mobile).

Voting system:

All posts created by the community will be linked with an upvote/downvote option (yes like reddit). The sorting/algorithms that go into this will vastly change with the site depending how people use it. Essentially the more upvotes you get/give the more karma gets tallied to your PWE profile. More upvotes also translates to more attention to your posts.

We plan on doing a lot of modifications over time to this system to make it fit to what the users want.


One of the biggest aspects of PWE3 is to simplify everything. The site is structured where you can find all content/options easily. Adding content does not require you to login to a dashboard so you can add posts on the fly. The gear menu at the top right is your best friend.


Users who wants to contribute official PWE content can now be assigned to a role that allows them to create custom posts.

PWE3 Mobile View

PWE3 Mobile View

Responsive Design:

PWE3 has been optimized to adjust depending on which device you are using. Everything from registering/logging in/viewing/adding content and commenting all adjust according to your device.

Fluid Design:

The website has also been optimized to be a fluid website which will adjust to 100% of your browser.

Live events splash page:

As the season comes up, game threads/unique events will now take over the entire index of PWE. This will allow everyone to be focused on the ongoing events.

Custom PWE Profiles:

Each individual user that signs up will have their own profile. Within the profile you will see your stats for the sites, trophies and your past posts. Your karma is also tallied on this profile as well.

Awards/Trophies System:

Depending on your stats your PWE account can now be assigned trophies. In the near future we will have some unique contests for this.


Each individual category for content is dividing into subPWE’s. These subPWE’s can act as individual sections of the sites and can be completely customized. There are tons of options and can allow each section to have it’s own unique feel. You can find all subPWE’s here (also the left sidebar for desktop/tablets, on mobile it’s a drop down)

In the near future we will also enable the option for users to create their own subPWE’s.


Be a kind and remember to upvote/downvote posts


Additionally you can find resources on how to do things in the help section. Have fun with the new site, post some stuff, downvote some stuff. If you find any issues please let me know!

Stay tuned for more announcements coming later today!

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