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Blazers Finally Beat the Warriors in Golden State - Pinwheel Empire

Blazers Finally Beat the Warriors in Golden State

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The Blazers Will Win The Freaking ‘Ship After This Win, YESSSSS!!!!! Photo via NBA

The Blazers beat the Warriors, 93-91 in Golden State thanks to late heroics from Nicolas Batum and Gerald Wallace. This was probably the ideal game for LaMarcus Aldridge to sit out, for the Blazers seemed to match up fairly well with their small line up. I like Batum starting, too, but that’s a point for another post entirely.

During the first half, the Blazers played as if asleep, going through the motions, refusing to rebound, and so forth. We saw Elliot Williams and Chris Johnson enter the game in the first quarter. Although, Nate didn’t let either one of them play long enough to gain any rhythm.

Then, during the third and fourth quarters, something clicked. I mean, it wasn’t a big click, but enough for the whole team to start working together. The ball was being passed more and everyone was hustling for rebounds. I mean, the fundamentals, even in the flipping NBA they matter.

And when the Blazers execute fundamentals, they seem to do well.

It’s been a long day and this team drains me of my will to live (sometimes) (okay, most times), I apologize for the relative shortness of this recap.


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