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Likes and Dislikes: Blazers Beat Lakers 116-106 - Pinwheel Empire

Likes and Dislikes: Blazers Beat Lakers 116-106

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If you live under a rock and forgot about the Blazers opening night, you might have missed the most positive result of the season.  If the season ended today, the Blazers would be in the Western Conference Playoffs while the Lakers would miss them completely. Also, the Blazers project to be undefeated going into the playoffs, while the Lakers likely will secure the most number of lottery balls as they project to go winless.  Just a little perspective.


1.  Nic Batum’s aggressiveness  on both ends of the floor.  Hopefully, this is the Nic we see 2 out of every 3 game versus 1 out of every 7.  Nic finished with 26pts and 6 rebounds.  As usual, Portland Media overhypes his play against a woeful Laker defense.

Love you Mike Tokito but Nic is not James Harden.

My man Manzell puts this one game in perspective.

2.  Damian Lillard.  The one characteristic of Dame that I didn’t realized while watching his clips against Portland State basketball is that he is clever.  (I stole that from @TimRoperNz).  Along with his amazing finishing skills, Dame has great court vision and reacts well to various situations.  This display is somewhat unexpected from any rookie—As fans, this has become unexpected of any PG in the red and black.  PGOTF meme actually works on Dame.  Dame ended up +16 for the night.   Crazy comparison stats below but imagine what a rookie LBJ would have done against this defense!


3.  LaMarcus at the rim.  I was concerned with his preseason jump shooting ways but he established the low block early then closed it with varying pick and roll plays with Dame.   That will be a fun recurring theme this season.

4.  Sasha Pavlovic’s tan.  For being in Portland since training camp, Sasha’s uncanny ability to keep a nice glowing tan is impressive.  20,000 people in the Rose Garden and he is the only one rocking a tan.

5.  Lakers’ awful defense.  BBR showed a 123.7 ORtg and 93.8 pace for the game.  This means both team sucked on defense but especially so for the Lakers.  Lakers will get torched nightly until Dwight is fully healthy, they reduce their turnovers, get a new offense, find the fountain of youth, and hire a new coach.  I like.



1.  Sasha Pavlovic.  Yes, I saw that little hot streak he went on but I’m ignoring that because he sucks.  How does Sasha, one of the worst Sasha ever in the history of NBA, get playing time ahead of Will Barton and Victor Claver?  (Yes, Barton sucked in preseason but he’s at least young.)  Our new slogan, “New Team, New Dream” should immediately eliminate Sasha from playing time.

2.  Free Throw Guy and the Blazers affinity to showing him all the time on the broadcast.  He created his own Super Free Throw Guy costume, need I say more?     (pic courtesy of @jose3030)






3.  LaMarcus with 3 Rebs, none offensive.  Hopefully this won’t be a trend but it’s already an alarming sign.


4.  JJ Hickson. He is not our COTF.  JJ was a -7 for the night.  We saw better decision making skills from Travis Outlaw.


5.  Meyers Leonard’s Impact.  He had a rough night but he played hard, scrapped, and did some things.  He got schooled multiple times by Dwight but that’s a given.  It’s probably not fair to put him on this list but he was being a rookie while Dame looked like a veteran All-Star.  The good news is that he didn’t do much worse than JJ.

6.  Luke Babbitt’s Play.  He didn’t play but he still sucks.  While on the bench all night, he still manage to have a plus/minus of -17.


Tweets I liked: 

I don’t like fat jokes but I like jokes about Felton.

hahah @ baby giraffe

Did I namedrop my own?  Yeah, so?

I love tweets that have Mom, Lost and Drink in it.

Tweets I didn’t like: 

How could you Barbara?  SO GROSS.

Other things I liked and disliked last night:

1.  Harden and Lin.  So fun to watch.

2.  Unibrow is the real deal

3.  Jonas Valanciunas is goooooooood in Toronto while my man T-Rob with a terrible opener for the Kings.

4.  No love and playing time for Drummond in Detroit?  SMH

5.  LOL @ extension for Demar DeRozan.  It makes Nic’s contract looked like a steal.


Picture of the Night:  Ludacris dressed as the Unibrow for Halloween

What did you guys think about opening night?  Actually, I don’t really care.

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