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Fan Fest Gameday Thread and Short Recap by Timbo - Pinwheel Empire

Fan Fest Gameday Thread and Short Recap by Timbo

submitted 7 years ago by in Game Recaps

Recap/Observation by Timbo:

A few observations…

1. There were fewer people in the stands tonight than in previous years.

2. Luke Babbitt could be the worst PTB first round draft pick of all time. A “shooter” that can’t shoot, too slow to play the 3, too small to play the 4. And they guaranteed him for another year, unconvinced that his sub-30% shooting from last year meant anything…

3. Portland will be somewhere around a .500 team this year.

4. For Portland to become a top level team, Nic Batum will have to become an all star.

5. Elliott Williams and Nolan Smith are probably both keepers.

6. Portland is short 2 bigs…


First gameday thread of the year.  Welcome the Rhino and the 2nd coming of Michael JC Jordan!!!  Today’s drinking game:  Take a drink if you see Babbitt anywhere, two drinks if he shoots, and a shot if he scores!

Photo Courtesy of LA TImes

Photo Courtesy of 8 points 9 seconds


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