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dj's game notes from the Garden -- 12.26.2011 - Pinwheel Empire

dj’s game notes from the Garden — 12.26.2011

submitted 6 years ago by in Game Recaps

1st Quarter.

Ugly start first few minutes. Welcome back, NBA.

Blazer bigs missing from the outside, so the guards go inside.

5:40 – Well, they are going faster. How long before Blazer fans start complaining about that?


3:36ish – Marcus to cutting Nic – more of this please!

2:50ish – Nic passing on an open three to drive and dish and.. uhmm.. no thanks.

Felton and KT both get their first points as Blazers in their first shot attempt

2nd 11:11ish Great KT and Nolan givengo for the Nolan 3.

Crawford misses but the other three new Blazers score on their first possession.

SICK pass. Turner to Williams?

9:41 – Crawford missing again. Crash getting second chance points is looking great.

Iffy playmaking from Nolan. Not great D from Nic. Perimeter defense suspect – we’ve seen this before

6:20 Jamal get hot from shooting but d gets worse to make up for it.

5:50 Giving a 3 right back.

I miss how Dre would fake timeouts and score on suckers.

Out of timeout – Pull Crawford when he’s getting hot! :C nate

4:49 LA is going at it

3:54 The 4.o shotclock looked like the Blazers were saying it was 40oz time

2nd Def 3sec for Philly.

Jamal back in—Nate must have read my notes!

Camby looking A LOT better (9 boards, 4 assists in the half) But still doesn’t seem to be making his close shots.

Halftime: Blazers D will sink em this year. Surprised? Blazers will need a lot of things to go their way to compete with good teams. But they should beat the crap teams another season and make it into the playoffs barring injury. Just feels like too close of a game for how poorly the 76ers started shooting. They’ll start dropping those.

3rd Quarter

10:18 good start to the 3rd. 4th quarter collapse? #cynicalblazerfan

6:20 Marcus Camby is in full effect til next injury

5:46 Camby: “The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated”

Welcome Felton – Get that man a cupcake!

4:37 Crash: “Don’t forget I’m a damn allstar vet!”

Meanwhile, at Felton’s 3pt shot.. meh

3ish Nic is active but not effective BLAZER KEEPER – Extend him!

Nic finally makes a 3 after missing those upclose and a dunk 76ers are not a good team even though they have good players.

4th Quarter

11ish – Crash is many things; effective offensive post player is not one of them.

Crawford with another great shot.

Blazers are epitome of hard work that blows it on too many easy things. Defensively pressing and being unable to be fundamentally solid. Turnovers are a huge reason this is a Blazer win.. if it is. When our 3s fall or LA beasts, we’re good .The opportunistic fast break points were refreshing.

3:34 – Cupcake became 1st Chalupa player of 2011-2012 season in his 1st game…

2:49 – Earlier I think to myself that LA is the best player in the game but that Iggy is clearly better than Crash. Then Crash went off and the distance seemed closer. Now.. I am wondering how close Iggy and LA are again.

27.1 Seems like the Blazers have this but Iggy and LouWill can come back. Defense?

23.3 S.M.H. Quick foul and make your FT time


Finale… So the game comes down to the wire. 76ers came all the way back based on leaving the perimeter open and not making late game shots. So when the defense is called for the big play when the game can be tied up? A switch of LA on Iggy who had been hot all 4th quarter until the last minute… got lucky Portland..

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