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REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY ? Blazers lose to the Wizards at home, 109-124 - Pinwheel Empire

REALLLLLLLLYYYYYYY ? Blazers lose to the Wizards at home, 109-124

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And thou shalt take their part to-night,

Weep and write.

A curse from the depths of womanhood

Is very salt, and bitter, and good.


So thus I wrote, and mourned indeed,

What all may read.

And thus, as was enjoined on me,

I send it over the Western Sea…

-A Curse For A Nation by Elizabeth Barrett Browning


When the Blazers lose by the largest margin since a year when Clyde Drexler was still suiting up in the black, silver, and red to a team that is an absolute mess from top to bottom, there’s not much analysis that really needs to take place. This year is a wash, we all have come to realize that fact on some level, but to see the team lose all fight, all energy and , as Nate said, “pride,” is disgusting and depressing. Losing to the flipping Wizards, at home… are you serious?!?

The downward spiral has been slowly but surely moving along, tonight however, the Blazers plummett  to  the depths of it’s-time-to-rebuild. I don’t know what level of hell that would be but surely it’s really freaking low.

Olivia said it best on twitter, keep Nicolas, LaMarcus and Elliot, ditch everyone else.

You can’t argue with that logic. Aldridge went down with an injury tonight to an ankle, and  I have no doubt in my mind that  he suffered not  just a freak accident, but is dealing with a  fatigued and less injury-resistant body due to the heavy minutes he’s been playing in this truncated season.  Camby is old and needs to retire. Yea, I went there. His comments after the game, going all veterany on them, calling Jamal Crawford out, like it’s that streak shooters’ fault the team lost, shows a lack of ATTENTION. Um, Camby, I know you’re playing the game, but are you WATCHING? The whole team is responsible for this mess, not just Jamal. ( Although, in fairness, Jamal really sucks.)

For Jeremy Lin’s sake, can Camby just go somewhere and never come back? And take Felton with him, please in the name of all that is Holy (Jeremy Lin), just leave.

I don’t even know what to say, after all these words, after reading stupid amounts of dark poetry, I still am left  in awe of the sheer dumbness of this Blazers team.

This is the first game of a back-to-back-to-back. A loss to the worst team in the league is not a way to start  the brutal stretch of schedule off.

Happy Valentines Day, Blazer fans, your team obviously doesn’t love you.


Sophia Brugato | @sophiabiabia |

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