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Three game losing streak causes mass unrest in Portland - Pinwheel Empire

Three game losing streak causes mass unrest in Portland

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Sometimes it’s hard to write a serious response to such a comical performance.

The Portland Trail Blazers dropped their third in a row- the second of this thousand year road trip-to the Houston Rockets, losing in overtime 107-105.

Look, losing sucks, it does. I’m willing to bet I’m more competitive than all the members of this site combined. But when the Blazers play, sometimes, just sometimes, I cannot get upset, I can only sit back and smile amusingly .

We were all duped.

This season started in a way that told everyone, “the Blazers could be first or second in the West.” The Blazers beat a few big teams, Wallace, Aldridge, and Camby were playing out their backside, all was roses and champagne (I think I just made that up). But  the “fast” style didn’t last long, and we all know what happens when Nate forces the team to slow down, especially on dead legs.

The long shots early on the shot clock start increasing, the offense gets stagnant, the effort on defense (switch  and recovery time) dissipates.

Yep, this team may have some new faces and a new “style of play,” but really, this is the same old Blazers we have come to love -for better and worse-  in the past few years. Slow and steady, a team that plays up to competition, plays down to the worst teams in the league, and  a team that struggles on the road. The Blazers are also  a team that flourishes with a dominant defensive presence and flounders without one, so it is absolutely fitting that Camby went down on the first game of this road trip with an ankle sprain.

It is hard to break down exactly what happened last night, mostly because I was fairly drunk the entire game. I knew once there would be an over time, it meant the Blazers would lose, because I’m cynical like that. But one major flaw stood out, Jamal Crawford. He’s the broken chain in this Blazers’ link. (I suck at metaphors, don’t judge me.) I swear to every god in the universe -present, past, and future- if I see Crawford chuck up any more deep two pointers with one-foot-on-the-three-point-line only to have the ball bang off the front of the rim (when Nicolas Batum was the hot hand and should have been reaping the benefits of numerous plays run through him) I”m going to light something on fire. I don’t know what will go up in flames, but I assure you, I WILL END SOMETHING’S INANIMATE LIFE.

Nicolas Batum had 29 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocked shots, and he got exactly ONE opportunity to shoot in over time. That, my friends, is enough to drive anyone crazy. After what had been by far Batum’s best game of the season, it should be clear that Batum should start (as he did ) and play meaningful minutes, period. I don’t want to hear anything about Wesley Messy Matthews’ grind-it-out-I-shoot-threes-and-put-my-hand-in-a-holster game right now, becuase Nic is better, the end.

The Blazers could have won this game, but they fell back into the Blazers team  we all hate and lost the game. So far, my prediction for a split is circling the drain, can the Blazers pull it back together?

Sophia Brugato | @sophiabiabia |