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Warriors Take Down the Blazers - Pinwheel Empire

Warriors Take Down the Blazers

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Behind Steph Curry’s 32 points, the Warriors take down the Blazers 101-93.

The Blazers played poorly down the stretch and Nate McMillan insisted upon keeping Jamal Crawford at the point to really put a cherry on top of what seemed to be an inevitable loss. Aldridge, Camby, RHINO,  and Batum played well again once again, but Felton, Crawford and…. wait, Nate played no one else on the third of a back-to-back-to-back so those two were really the only failures on the night.

I could rant for 10000 words about how infuriating Nate’s decisions make me, but I know it’s a waste of energy and space, literally. This is Nate McMillan and he’ll never change. He’ll ruin every point guard / guard drafted by not playing him or completely ruining any self-confidence that player possessed, and he’ll continue to attempt to mold players completely unfit for certain positions into a player that will fit into that position, to the detriment of the team and that player’s abilities. No matter, this is Nate, this is Nate’s team, and this is how it’s going to be until Nate is  not this team’s coach. End of story.

Wesley Matthews got the start and scored 15, his three point shot is still not there (was it ever?) but he managed to get to the basket and alas, he lives to see another day in that starting role. Aldridge was the team’s high scorer with 18, and Camby grabbed 16 rebounds. Batum scored 16 in just 22 minutes. Rhino is fun to watch, he hustles like a mad man, and even though he is slow, awkward and , well, Rhino-like, when he’s on offense, it works. He finished with 9 points and 6 rebounds, I hereby anoint Rhino the team’s newest hustle-man.


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