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Behind the Locker Room Series

submitted 7 years ago by in Rip City

One of our favorite historic media coverage was the Behind the Locker Room Door series by Jason Quick of the Oregonian.  Jason gave fans an intimate look at the 2008-2009 season.

Reading back, it seemed so long ago that our city was full of hope and promise with our young budding core.  If you have some time, go back and take a read.  Here is my favorite read:  Quick describing how Roy, Aldridge and Outlaw tried to initiate Gregory Wayne Oden.

…I look over my shoulder and there is a sudden burst of chaos.

While I was talking to Aldridge, Roy and Outlaw had lured Oden over to the corner of the locker room by Outlaw’s locker. When they had him cornered, Roy alerted me. As I turned, they ambushed Oden. Roy went low to the legs, Outlaw up high. They were attempting the rookie initiation of Oden, which typically involves one of three treatments: a cold shower, a dunk in a tub of ice water or a dunk in a garbage can. This season, the team has already given Batum and Bayless the cold tub dunk.  

But Oden is a different beast.  

The action is violent and frantic, as if an animal is being attacked by lions. But it lasts for only a couple seconds.

 That’s how long it took for Oden to not only fend off the 6-foot-9 Outlaw and 6-foor-6 Roy, but get them both in a headlock.  

With Roy and Outlaw under his arms like little brothers, Oden parades them in a circle, all while he has a deliberate, ho-hum look on his face. As if …Oden releases them both and straightens his sports coat with a tug at the bottom and a couple of brushes of the sleeves.  

Defeated and short of breath, Roy red adjusts his cockeyed stocking cap.

“We need a big man,” Roy said panting. “Two of us ain’t going to do it.”

Oden proudly struts to the pizza table and woofs a piece. It is yet another reminder to everyone what a physical specimen Oden is…”  

Read the full article by Jason Quick here:

Full series here:


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